h-index for Chemists

April 18, 2008

A discussion came up at lunch today about h-index for chemists. I hadn’t thought about the h-index for some of the leading chemists of our times, or even what the magnitude of the h-index might be. Henry “Frtiz” Schaefer III, of the University of Georgia has compiled a list, ranking the h-index of living chemists. When the list was first published online by Chemistry World in 2007, the Harvard organic chemist E. J. Corey came out tops with an h-index of 133 (which means Corey has published at least 133 papers, each of which have been cited at least 133 times) . A recent update ( March 2008 ) finds fellow Harvard faculty, G. M. Whitesides, has pipped Corey with an h-index of 140 !

A few chemists who work in the general area of electrochemistry and/or electron-transfer reactions, are listed below:

Name, h-index, (Rank):

Allen J. Bard, 106, (11)

Harry B. Gray, 97, (16)

Thomas J. Meyer, 91, (34)

Royce W. Murray, 87, (44)

Rudolph A. Marcus, 84, (51)

Jean-Michel Savéant, 81, (57)

R. Mark Wightman, 71, (119)

Fred C. Anson, 68, (152)

Christian Amatore, 54, (389)

Andrew G. Ewing, 51, (463)

The full list can be found here. The highest ranked Indian chemist is C.N.R Rao (74) with an h-index of 76.


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  1. Wow i was looking for this informattion only and i have got great knowledge from our post.

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